Can somebody please explain to me why this whole “Horse Meat” thing is such a big deal?

As someone who has eaten venison I don’t get what everyone’s disgust over it is.  

If you’re going to be a carnivore you’re not allowed to be squeamish over what’s in your Ikea meatballs.

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  1. bo-time answered: It’s more that they didn’t know they were eating horse meat. Companies were passing it off as beef.
  2. bw6 said: The biggest part was that the it potentially contains some drug given to horses which can be harmful to humans. The fact that it’s horse isnt the problem, it’s that it was mislabled and “contaminated”.
  3. stilldriftingoffalone answered: Because manufacturers.supermarkets did not list horsemeat as a component of the food and were therefore lying to consumers…
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